Why Western countries are once again wrong in their relations with Russia

Dmitry Trusov
3 min readMar 9, 2022


I don’t know English well, but I’ll try to convey my point. The history of Russia has more than 1000 years. But even this time was not enough for all countries to study the mysterious Russian soul. The conflict in Ukraine only confirmed this thesis. Today I will tell you about the mistakes of the USA, the EU and other countries in their behavior with Russia.

Example 1. Sanctions

I am not a political scientist, not an economist, so I cannot say about the goals of sanctions. But what I can say for sure is that they have increased Putin’s rating and his trust among the population. When Putin decided to send troops into Ukraine, he claimed that the United States and NATO were Russia’s main enemies. Their goal is to destroy the country. I remember how many of my entourage laughed at Putin’s words, did not believe him.

And now sanctions are being imposed against Russia. Moreover, such that they hit the ordinary citizens of Russia hard, deprive them of their usual comfortable life. I don’t know how the sanctions will affect billionaires and Putin’s friends, but they definitely hurt citizens. And in this situation, the words of the Russian president about the hostility of the West no longer seem so ridiculous. And opponents of the regime began to incline to the fact that Putin was right.

I repeat, I do not know the real goals of the sanctions. But they definitely raised Putin’s confidence rating (from 61% to 71%), increased the number of supporters of the conflict, embittered the population against foreign brands. Now there are even more people who see the United States and Europe as their personal enemies. My entourage almost completely began to support the President of Russia.

Example 2. Ukrainians

When the conflict was just beginning, many Russians opposed it, supported Ukrainians and sympathized with them. And then the Ukrainians themselves ruined everything: they arranged cyberbullying for all Russians indiscriminately, insulted everyone, humiliated and cursed, sent photos of mutilated bodies and so on. Then appeals from residents of European countries to the behavior of Ukrainians and their nationalism began to appear on the Internet. And Ukrainian bloggers claimed that there is not a single nationalist in Ukraine.

And it turns out a kind of dissonance. On the one hand, Ukrainians ask for help and go to the rally. And on the other, they immediately send curses and threats. What does a simple Russian see? That’s right, another confirmation of Putin’s words about nationalists and other movements in Ukraine. And already many have either changed their attitude or have taken a neutral position towards the conflict.

Example 3. World history.

Politicians would do well to recall the history that happened less than 100 years ago with Germany. Then, after the First World War, unaffordable conditions were imposed on Germany. And what happened to Germany and the Germans? That’s right, revanchism started playing in them, the desire to take revenge on the countries that humiliated them, to make Germany a strong country again. I don’t think it’s necessary to tell what all this has led to.

History has shown many times that the methods of sanctions are outdated and do not work. Look at all the countries that are under sanctions. Have they solved their tasks? No. So why should it be different this time?



Dmitry Trusov

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