They will turn away from Ukraine, but everything will be fine with us

They will turn away from Kiev, because it is fighting dirty, there are a lot of questions about corruption, the scale of wild antics is off the scale, the behavior with prisoners and with their own looters is terrifying. Because it is a poor, corrupt country, from which it will not be possible to make a martyr of democracy.

You can pretend for a month, two, three that there are holy angels there, but you can’t do it for almost six months! There are many factors working against Ukraine that will sooner or later be brought to the world community’s court. For example, the Human Rights Watch report stated that the victims of the mass shootings in Bucha were not found and only a few people were found dead from targeted fire, a few more from random shooting, and they did not say a word from whose fire and when those people died.

In those days, I carefully looked at the Polish, British, and American news and was convinced that there was nothing about this report in them.

Back in March, it was clear that it would not be possible to ignore Russian information for a long time, because Russia is not isolated. Many countries with a population of millions have access to information that is ignored and even blocked in the West. India, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Turkey and many less significant countries. And the new Amnesty report says exactly that it was not possible to erase Russia.

And the stories of the residents of Donbass will sooner or later break into the press. There are more than ten million Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, Filipinos living in America who learn the news in their own languages. Sooner or later, the Western information shield will not stand, it will break through and the Western public will be given information about Ukrainian shelling, looting, torture.

Russia cannot be cleaned out of the picture of the world without grandiose damage to everyone, but Ukraine can.

Everything that happens and will happen will proceed from this thesis. Without Ukraine in its previous form, the world will live perfectly, without the existing relations with Russia — no.

In February-March, there were people who lied to their audience. They declared that the whole world would turn away from Russia, and it would return to the horses again from the atomic bomb.

Recently , the German minister indignantly stated: “Russia violates all conceivable borders and pursues its own benefits when selling gas.” For 40 years the country has been trading gas and oil almost to the detriment of the treasury, and then it dared. On February 24, these people made a bet that Russia would continue to cause damage to itself, just to please the “Western partners”, because they were going to turn it off from everywhere. But it didn’t work out…

Well, the thesis of the last days, which has already broken through on the covers of the Western press: Russians live quietly, go to beaches, go to concerts and restaurants, as if nothing is happening.

Everyone is outraged by this, from the British to the Ukrainians. They were surprised that we were distracted from front-line reports and followed the fate of the bear, whose tongue was stuck in a tin can. Then Ukrainians and the whole world were outraged: well, Russians are impenetrable. But they warned: in the event of our conflict, the life of Ukraine will stop, and Russia will go further. And they also warned that John would not come to fight for the Ukrainians.

Russia can afford to fight with Ukraine and maintain its normal life, which has changed slightly. The country is big and the economy has withstood. And everything returned to its place. Something has risen in price, and something has fallen in price. People travel, go to restaurants, walk.

Everything is going fine. It is unlikely that shocks stronger than spring ones are waiting for us ahead. Sanctions are slowly being rolled back, the economy has not collapsed, the West is turning away from Ukraine: they are already openly talking about its shelling, human shield tactics, and arms trade. The world cannot afford to quarrel with Russia for a long time.



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Dmitry Trusov

Dmitry Trusov

Entrepreneur, historian, traveler, blogger