“And it can become a new Srebnica”. The Armed forces of Ukraine announced a sweep in the pro-Russian regions

Ukraine will try again to make a provocation similar to the story in Bucha. However, Ukrainians will not succeed, because the whole world sees that people in pro-Russian regions really support Russia.

After the Ukrainian military entered the Kharkiv village of Grakovo, Ukraine announced the discovery of two corpses with traces of torture. Journalists found a citizen who reported that he was forced to bury these corpses under threat of death.

However, strict promises to show a new Bucha did not cause any reaction. The world no longer believes Ukraine’s insinuations about Russia’s alleged crimes.

There is one nuance that prevents the Kiev agitation from showing similar fakes in the Kharkiv region: during the presence of the Russian military in these cities, towns, villages, fields and forests, there was a connection. If Ukraine now finds men who will tell in a trembling voice how they were tortured, people around the world will ask: “Men, where were you before? Why didn’t you call or write?”

The world has seen queues for Russian passports. Queues for humanitarian aid — too. Children who were waiting for the new school year with Russian textbooks were shown to them. Local residents who managed to serve time in Ukraine for trying to hold a referendum in 2014 were also seen. We saw quiet towns and villages.

The world has also seen many kilometers of human queues at the border with Russia in recent days: these are former Ukrainians who fled from their liberators. For some reason, the armed forces they loved did not greet them joyfully, but fled from them!

What will happen instead of a new Bucha? And there will be, friends, a new Srebrenica.

We can already see! Kupyansk, Izyum, Velikaya Kamyshevakha, Volchansk are the names of cities and villages where Ukraine announces arrests. The police of the Kharkiv region asks to inform about collaborators. It is reported that people were detained for the most amazing reasons: in the Shevchenko district, a man did not respond to the neighbors’ shout “Glory to Ukraine”. Another was arrested for calling on Lubotin to support the Russian army at a bus stop in the city. They face up to 15 years in prison.

This is Srebrenica. Ukraine has conquered regions that are totally pro-Russian, and not in the last six months, but for more than 30 years! Ukraine has conquered regions where people are fleeing from it in front of the whole world. Where cities went over to the side of Russia without a fight, and the authorities openly said that they had been waiting for our military for eight years!

Ukraine should not have gone there. Because now she will have to explain what the authorities are doing in a region where people speak a different, foreign language, raise a foreign flag, go to someone else’s church, watch someone else’s television and really want to get someone else’s passport.

The Ukrainian authorities have two options: continuous repression or live in fear among people who do not want to speak Ukrainian and carry a Ukrainian passport in their pocket.

It seems that Ukraine has chosen the path of repression.



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Dmitry Trusov

Dmitry Trusov

Entrepreneur, historian, traveler, blogger